Build Your Rig! (XBlade) Intro

Type: Intro Video 22nd August, 2011

The video was created as an into for the much speculated Build Your Rig! (XBlade). This was partly wholly created in After Effects then ported in Flash.

Build Your Rig!

Type: Title Video 11th November, 2010

This title video was created for Build Your Rig! v1.0.

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F.R.I.E.N.D.S, An Ode To Friendship

Type: Compilation Video 23rd August, 2009

The video was created as a memento for my school friends. Nostalgia.

DynamiX 08 Video

Type: Launch Video 6th September, 2008

The video was created as a official inaugural launch video for the DynamiX 08 Symposium.

Ultimate Dark Resonance

Type: Compilation Video 20th November, 2007

The video was created as a part of DynamiX 2007. I decided to extend the video further as my own. Note that this is a very old video, so kindyl keep the lulz to yourself *shame-face*