The site is not showing properly on my PC. Kindly enable JavaScripts in your browser and if it doesn't help, try running with the recommended browser (Google Chrome). If the problem still persists then kindly contact the site admin.
What's up with the "Buy" section? No, I'm not selling stuff. Build Your Rig! [XBlade] has been divided into 2 distinct functionalities, i.e. Building and Buying.
I'll be managing the site in totality (incl. the Building part) and the user interface.
The "Buy" section will be managed by another individual wishing to sell stuff @ his price quotes. If you find the prices offered by the him/her (managing this extension) and trust him you can buy from him/her if you please.

NOTE: As of now the "Buy" functionality is not entertained. If I find any prospective seller wishing to sell his/her products, then only "Checkout" will be enabled.
Will you store my credit card information? I doubt that. Still the TOC (Terms & Condtions) will be laid down by the seller and I'm not accountable for the same. It will be a distinct communication between the seller and his prospective buyers.
Will I be charged for visiting this site now? Short answer: NO.
Long answer: Hell NO!
Why am I not able to save/view/modify/delete my rigs? Saving/Viewing/Modifying/Deleteing of rigs is enabled only for the registered users. Guests can only build their rigs.
If, however, you are logged in and are still not able to perform these operations then kindly report the matter to the admin (via Contact Form).
Is the information on this site reliable? Upto 90% of the data on this site is correct, however, it shouldn't be used as a defacto standard. The original product website should also be referred.
The direct links to the original product pages will be provided ASAP in the XBlade engine.
I found some incorrect information on a product, how can I report this matter? Every product has a icon beside it. Just click on it & submit the query